Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative

The shutdown of the Yahoo Site Explorer in 2011 left many people, especially online marketers as well as SEOs feeling stranded. The main reasons for the feelings of abandonment is because the site was a resource tool for valuable information that could be accessed at no cost. The site which was established in 2005 was specifically set up to provide information on a variety of back links that led to either a domain or even a website. Yahoo Site Explorer was very successful because of its reliability and that the information given was from a search engine that was reputable.

Yahoo Site Explorer Was Gone

The reason for the closing down of Yahoo Site Explorer was spelt out on the search engine’s website with the main cause being the completion of the transition of the site over to Bing, which resulted in the merging of the site explorer to Bing Webmaster tools. An earlier agreement between Microsoft and Yahoo in 2009, gave the former the right to integrate any of the technologies by Yahoo into any of their existing platforms in regard to web search.

Bing, which is a search engine owned by Microsoft eventually replaced the search engine by Yahoo but still uses some of its technology. Nevertheless, there are some important elements that Bing does not offer internet users such as back link data that was one of the reasons why Yahoo Site Explorer was so popular. The decision by Bing Webmaster Tools to stop providing information as regards competitor websites confirms that it should not be considered as a substitute to the previous site.

Best Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative

yahoo site-explorer alternative

Screenshot: Yahoo site explorer alternative – Open site explorer

Fortunately, there are a number of alternative sites that internet users can turn to, so that they are able to access similar services as those that were provided on Yahoo Site Explorer. Among all these alternative sites, SEOMoz Open Site Explorer leads the pack, which offers more than valuable back links data on the site. Other types of information that are found on this particular site explorer includes proprietary metrics which are domain as well as page authority.

Open site Explorer (OSE) has two versions of which are the paid and the free versions that users can use to access information on the site. However, the version that is free of charge has a number of limitations in terms of the information that can be accessed as compared to the paid version that allows users to get as much data as they need.

Now, SEOMoz provides 30 days free PRO membership for you, allows you to access all the features stated above at no fee. You can cancel the membership at anytime without any charge if you don’t like. Why not give it a try?

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